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Transforming people and nonprofits through technology

We Deliver Much More Than Code

Our web development apprenticeship program exists to transform people’s lives by empowering those who do not have the typical background for entering tech to launch new careers in that field. We provide professional technical solutions to nonprofit and mission-based organizations to help carry out their purpose.

We can build a range of products and features, including:

Database apps (to replace spreadsheets)

Volunteer / inventory management systems

Dashboards for data collection and reporting

Secure payment / donation collection

Customized social networks

Workflow and collaboration tools

Mobile responsive websites

...and more!

We create web applications and sites that allow organizations to use tech to further their missions throughout the world.

How It Works

Our organization works with non-traditional entry level web developers and provides them with real life projects over a staggered 17 week program participation model. They work collaboratively within a team environment under the supervision and mentorship of experienced tech professionals. We offer our solutions PRO BONO to qualified nonprofit or social organizations.

Client Interviews

First, we schedule a meeting with your organization's key stakeholders and our program director to get the initial details of your project and see if we're a good fit. The ideal client/project is brand new, open to any technical solution(s) our team can create and has an open time frame.

Requirements Gathering & Kickoff

Once we're ready to go, we collaborate with you on breaking the project down into specific roles and detailed features. This is a critical first step into getting started on your project - client involvement is KEY. Then we get to work!

Development & Delivery

This is the crux of what we do. Using an iterative process, we breathe life into your product, creating the features that drive its functionality and turning idea into reality. Instead of waiting until the end to demonstrate the final product, we build it in stages, always looping you in to make sure we stay on the right track. Our apprentice developers make sure you’re beyond satisfied before handing over your finalized, polished product.

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George Mikhail

Web Developer
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Elizaveta Mikhailovskaia

Web Developer
Russell mstowski

Russell Mstowski

Web Developer
Jamie gates

Jamie Gates

Technical Lead

Aaron Hall

Web Developer
Paul krajewski

Paul Krajewksi

Technical Lead
004 andrewtaylor

Andrew Taylor

Web Developer
Omar ansari

Omar Ansari

Web Developer
003 jimtekanjo

Jim Tekanyo

Web Developer
003 anniewong

Annie Wong

Web Developer
Linda robbins

Linda Robbins

Web Developer
005 wenzhang

Wen Zhang

Web Developer
Justin skord

Justin Skord

Web Developer
Joy mccaffrey

Joy McCaffrey

Web Developer
009 noellesalta

Noelle Salta

Web Developer
Chris woodside

Chris Woodside

Web Developer
Nishant thaker

Nishant Thaker

Web Developer
Jennifer lubejko

Jennifer Lubejko

Web Developer
Acc  luke evans 3206

Luke Evans

Product Owner
Acc  matt gainer 3144

Matt Gainer

Technical Lead
Mark bui

Mark Bui

Web Developer
Meghan murphy

Meghan Murphy

Web Developer
Brian pick

Brian Pick

Web Developer
Jake rabeck

Jake Rabeck

Web Developer
Gage wisneski

Gage Wisneski

Web Developer

Nicole Daines

Product Owner

Trevor Jones

Technical Lead
Joel matos edit

Joel Matos

Web Developer
Anthonyvan deloo

Anthony Van de Loo

Web Developer
Troy leach edit

Troy Leach

Technical Lead
Dan hey

Dan Hey

Technical Lead
Alex ispa cowan edit

Alex Ispa-Cowan

Technical Lead
002 jenileehsu

Jenilee Hsu

Web Developer
007 sagarmiglani

Sagar Miglani

Web Developer
Mike yatco   pbi 1328

Mike Yatco

Web Developer
James chou   pbi 1327

James Chou

Web Developer
John messina   pbi 1323

John Messina

Web Developer
Jonathan coll   pbi 1334

Jonathan Coll

Web Developer
Peter strong   pbi 1339

Peter Strong

Web Developer

Ben Millar

Web Developer

Aaron Rabinovitz

Web Developer

Ashley Colletti

Web Developer

Spencer Blake

Web Developer

Shaeel Afsar

Web Developer
David klaver

David Klaver

Web Developer
003 carlosparilla

Carlos Parrilla

Web Developer

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